How to generate Monthly Test Collection report in Nevino Lab Software

Now we will generate report to know how many times every test was conducted in the past month. So we will learn how to generate monthly test collection report in nevino lab software.

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How to generate Monthly Test Collection report in Nevino Lab Software<< Already gone through this page >>How to generate Daily Test Collection report in Nevino Lab Software

Step 1. We start with the main window of Nevino Lab Software where we will click on ‘Report’ as indicated below.
;ab main window

Step 2. Now click on ‘Select’ as shown in below image.
select report

Step 3. As we want to see monthly collection report so we will click on ‘Monthly Test Collection’ as per below image.
monthly test window

Step 4. When ‘Monthly Collection’ is selected a new window will open as below.
select monnthly test report

Step 5. Select the start date by clicking on ‘From’ as shown in image below.
select from date

Step 6. Now select the end date by clicking on ‘To’ as per below image.
select to date

Step 7. Next we select the category of test. For example we want to see all the tests so we select ‘All’ from the drop down list as shown below.
select test category

Step 8. After selecting the category click on ‘Generate’ button as indicated in the image below.
generate button

Step 9. On click of generate button report as below will appear in new window.
select monthly test report

select monthly report2

select monthly report

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