Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview Questions 

Here are some manual testing interview question if a test Engineer is having understanding of all below testing questions then he/she can say himself/herself good in manual testing basics. Manual testing is having its own scope and done by test engineers. Below are some common interview questions

What is Software Testing ?

Software testing means developed product meets the users’ requirements

What is Verification ?

There is always some standard defined for software product development by organization. So Is product  is developing as per the specifications and using the standard development processes. The process comprises the following activities:

  • Inspections
  • Reviews
  • Walk-throughs
  • Demos

What is Validation ?

We do validation on developed product to find bugs this covers below testings

  • Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing

What is difference between verification and validation?

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile Methodology is a software testing process that evaluates software from the customers’ point of view. In this methodology ,  development team and QA team can start together on project . There is no need that development team complete coding for starting QA. There will be requirement of continuous customer interaction.

What is Sprint?


What is Sprint Size?

What is Spill Over ?

What is Product Backlog ?

What is User Stories ?

What is Black Box Testing?

What is White Box Testing?

What is Test Plan?

What is Test Coverage ?

What is equivalence Partitioning ?

What is boundary value analysis?

What is Unit Testing?

What is Functional Testing?

What is Integration Testing?

What is System Testing?

What is UAT – User Acceptance Testing?

What is Smoke Testing?

What is Sanity Testing?

What is Regression Testing?

What is Retesting?

What is difference between Regression Testing and Retesting?

What is Performance Testing?

What is load Testing?

What is Stress Testing?

What is Data Flow Testing?

What is end to end Testing?

What is Alpha Testing?

What is Beta Testing?

What is Bug Life Cycle?

What is bug , Defect , Error ?

What is severity and priority ?

Give an example of low severity and high Priority ?

Give an example of low severity and low Priority ?

Give an example of high severity and high Priority ?

Give an example of high severity and low Priority ?

What is QA – Quality Assurance ? – We monitor process

What is QC – Quality Control ? – Process implemented by QA implemented by QC

What is bug leakage ? – when the bug is discovered by the end user/customer and missed by the testing team

what is Bug release? – when software is released with a set of known bugs

What is Monkey Testing ? – Checking behavior of software by random inputs and trying to crash application.


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