Database Testing Interview Questions

Database Testing Interview Questions

Here are some Database testing interview question if a test Engineer is having understanding of all below testing questions then he/she can say himself/herself good in Database testing basics. web testing is having good scope and done by manual test engineers as well as automation test engineer. Below are some common interview questions

Before going further into web testing concept we should have knowledge of below

  • Database Basics
  • SQL
  • Normalizations
  • DDL
  • DML
  • Constraints
  • Tables
  • Schema
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Stored Procedures
  • Triggers
  • Functions
  • Privileges

Some Database testing common interview questions are as below

What is Database testing?

What are Constraints ?

What is foreign Key Constraint?

What is difference between primary key and foreign key ?

What is difference between primary key and unique key ?

What is check Constraint?

What is Transactions ? – For data consistencies , Rollback , commit, savepoint

What is the SQL injection ?

What is difference in INNODB and MYISAM?

What are joins ?

  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Equi Join
  • Self Join
  • Cross Join

What are indexes? – Created on columns to improve performance of fast data retrieval

  • B-Tree index
  • Bitmap index
  • Clustered index
  • Covering index
  • Non-unique index
  • Unique index

What are the difference between clustered and non clustered index ? There can be only 1 clustered index in a table

What is Distinct Keyword ?

What is order by clause?

what is Group By  clause?

What are loose inserts in database testing? How this can be converted to a bug ?

What are stored Procedures?

What are Functions ?

What is difference between Stored Procedures and function?

What are trigger?

What are DML ? which impacts on data like update insert delete

What are DDL ? which impacts on table structure like Create Alter drop truncate

What is DCL/ Privileges ?  – Grant Revoke

What are views ?

What is Black Box Testing ? Perform action in frontend and check backend table to validate data

What is White Box Testing? checking all the logic and data

How to test database stored procedures and triggers?

What is difference between delete and Truncate ?

What is difference between drop and Truncate ?

What is normalization?

What is Cursor ?

What are basic points to test in database testing ?

  • Database Connection
  • Constraints
  • Front end App with Database Field and its size
  • Front end Data Retrieval accuracy
  • Data Insertion
  • Stored Procedures
  • Functional flow

What is Union , Minus , Union All Intersect ?

What is composite Primary Key ?

What type of common bugs are there in database testing ?



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