How to check installed android app in flutter?

We will be using Flutter device apps plugin to check the required app is already installed on Android device or not. To get this plugin follow this link Device Apps.

Step 1 : Paste this dependency “device_apps: ^1.0.9” in “pubspec.yaml” file of your project and save it.

Step 2 : Now go to the dart file in which you want enter the code to detect the required app is installed or not. Create a function as shown below as an example.

Step 3 : Here “com.example.myapp ” is package name of the app thru which the app will be search inside your device. After adding this code you will need to import device apps library in your dart file as shown below.

Step 4 : Now use the above mentioned function “Check” under any Button with “on tap” property. This function will give value “True” if it finds the mentioned app or value “False” if the app is not in your device as shown below.

Step 5 : Here we have received value as “true” in “DEBUG CONSOLE” which shows that the app is already installed in the device.

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