Web Testing Interview Questions

Web Testing Interview Questions

Here are some Web testing interview question if a test Engineer is having understanding of all below testing questions then he/she can say himself/herself good in web testing basics. web testing is having good scope and done by manual test engineers as well as automation test engineer. Below are some common interview questions

Before going further into web testing concept we should have knowledge of below keywords

  • Test Environmet Architecture
  • Client
  • Server
  • Browsers
  • DOM
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • Redirections
  • HTTP / HTTPS Protocol


What is Browser Compatibility Testing?

What is SQL Injection Testing?

What is Client Server Architecture?

What is Cookies ?

What is Sessions?

What is Difference between Cookies and Sessions?

What is the scope of web testing ? – Performance testing , load testing , environment testing , functional testing , API testing, browser compatibility testing , Security Testing , Database Testing , Usability Testing , Interface testing

Common issues in web testing ?

What is difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

Http : Hypertext Transfer Protocol – Set of rules passing information from client to Server. Uses port 80

HTTPS : Hypertext Transfer Protocol using SSL- Secure Sockets Layer – or Using TSL Transport Layer Security. Uses port 443

What is cross site Scripting ?


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