How to install Nevino Lab Software

Nevino Lab Software is the perfect software to work in labs. Moreover, it is easy to install in the computer. Below are the steps on how to install nevino lab software.

Step 1.When we open the folder named as ‘NevinoLabSoftware_setup’ we will see two files inside it as shown below.
blog folder window

Step 2. Now right click on ‘setup’ icon, drag to ‘Run as administrator’ and then click on it.
right click setup file

Step 3.On click of ‘Run as administrator’ a new screen as below will appear where you have to click on ‘Next’ appearing below on the screen.
blog setup starts

Step 4.When window as below appears again click on ‘Next’.
blog setup second screen

Step 5. This is ‘Confirm Installation’ window where you must again click on ‘Next’ appearing on below right corner of the screen.
blog setup installation screen

Step 6.Now the installation process will start and when it completes window as below will appear. It shows that Nevino Lab Software is successfully installed. Click on ‘Close’ to shut down the window.
blog setup installed

Step 7. After installation we will open the software on internet browser by typing ‘localhost/nspllabapps’ as shown below.
blogbrowser window

Step 8. After typing ‘localhost/nspllabapps’ click enter you will get following error as shown below in the image. It shows that you must register your product by contacting at below mentioned contact information.

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