How to change package name in flutter?

How to change package name in flutter?

We will start by changing the Android App Name first:

  • Open this file ‘AndroidManifest.xml‘ in your project and enter required name in front of ‘android:label’:
<application android:name=""

Now we change the Package Name:

  • In the same file ‘AndroidManifest.xml‘  inside below mentioned line enter package name after ‘package=’:
<manifest xmlns:android=""  


  • Now in ‘build.gradle‘ file enter package name after ‘applicationId‘:
defaultConfig { applicationId ""
  • Open this file now ‘’ and on top you will find ‘package’ where you can enter package name as below:
             import android.os.Bundle;
  • Last Step is to change the Directory name under Android Folder:



\com   –> \your

\example  –> \package

          After change



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