how to install virtual machine on windows

How to install virtual machine on windows ?

Before going on this part first let us install the prerequisite for installation of virtual machine.

Virtual machine is a software implementation that helps to run operating system virtually within a operating system you can install any operating system with in VM.  Virtual Machine is used when we need to work on other operating system without touching current operating system. Here we can assign RAM and CPU directly but within the allocated limit.

Install Oracle Virtual Box by going thrugh below link

After download just install the software . It is very easy to install. Just accept by default features and press next .

You can choose your desired location where you want to install

After installation , Launch the Oracle Virtual Box



click new

Enter Virtual Machine Name

Select Machine Folder

Select Type

Select  Version

Click on Expert Mode

Select RAM to be allocated (Keep it in green zone)

select create a virtual disk Image

select fixed size ( this will increase performance)

and Press Create

Virtual Machine is created successfully

Now install the ubuntu

click on start button

click on setting button

Go to storage

click on empty option under IDE controller

from attribute option click cd icon

select the downloaded image

Click ok

When this screen comes press space key


Ubuntu will ask for some option

I opted “Install Ubuntu ”




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