how to add app launcher icon in flutter ?

how to add app launcher icon in flutter ?

Just follow below steps to add launcher icon in flutter application

  • Place required launcher icon at project location . In my case i have placed it at images folder
  • Add dependency in pubspec.yaml i.e. Change this code

sdk: flutter


sdk: flutter

flutter_launcher_icons: ^0.7.4

android: “launcher_icon”
ios: true
image_path: “images/icon.png”

  • Run flutter pub get command from terminal
  • Run flutter pub run flutter_launcher_icons:main command from terminal
  • Wait for below output

Android minSdkVersion = 16
Creating default icons Android
Adding a new Android launcher icon
Overwriting default iOS launcher icon with new icon

Then reinstall the app into your handset

Hey You got the launcher icon Congrats






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