How to install Flutter on windows

Following are the steps to install Flutter on Windows platform:

System Requirements 

→  OS – Windows 7 with SP1 or higher

→  Min. Disk space – 400 MB excluding space for IDE/tools

→  Tools – (i) PowerShell 5.0 or higher. > Check whether Powershell installed on your system

(ii) GIT required for windows. > Download GIT


Flutter SDK

→  Download latest Flutter SDK

→  Extract the zip file.

→  Locate “flutter_console.bat” file in extracted folder and double click on it.

→  Type “flutter doctor”.

→  Required dependencies will be shown need to install.


Upgrade your Flutter SDK

→  Type “flutter upgrade” in flutter console and press Enter.


Download the JDK Latest Version

→  Click here to download JDK

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