How to Login in Nevino HR Software

From this blog we will start learning about the Nevino HR Software. First we will understand that how we can login to Nevino HR Software. So please follow below mentioned steps to login.

Step 1. When Nevino HR Software is installed by our technical team on your computer system you will find a window as below on your computer screen.
hr login window

Step 2. In the first box enter the ‘Company ID’ as indicated in the window below.
hr enter company id

Step 3. In the second box enter the username provided by our technical team as indicated in image below.
hr enter username

Step 4. In the third box enter the password as indicated in the image below.
hr enter password

Step 5. Now click on ‘Login’ button and this will complete the login process as per image below.
hr click login button

Step 6. After this you will be login to Nevino HR Software and main window of this software will appear as below screen shot.
hr main window

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