Why Employees not getting good appraisals?

There are number of reasons why employees not getting good appraisals and here are few which we have find out as per below.

  • Performance evaluations not done in real time instead they taken place annually which is not a correct way of identifying and resolving the performance issues.
  • Managers check the performance on personal commitment, technical knowledge and attendance. These are not the good ways to measure performance. Correct ways to measure performance are output quality, responsiveness, value and volume.
  • Managers are not held responsible for not providing accurate feedback regarding employee which is common these days. Only for late providing of data managers are responsible.
  • Many performance appraisal systems focus on weak performers and they focus less on top performers which leads to non-sharing of best methods required for best performance.
  • Performance assessment usually done by one manager which can impact salary and promotion but if it is done by two managers then there is less chances of accuracy and fairness.
  • Employees of same job are compared to each other not each member of team with one another.
  • Performance appraisal process is managed by Low level HR personnel who is unknown to performance levels and productivity level.
  • Managers in some organizations are not well aware of the assessment process so they cannot give any proper feedback.
  • Managers does not give good rating to employees to keep them away from promotion.
  • Many managers feel that they are not the owners so why should they bother. They put little effort on performance appraisal and try to blame HR department of discrepancies.

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