What should be valid SEO -Search Engine Optimization

All users must do valid SEO for their websites. As search engines can easily read the purpose of page. During SEO , user must take care of below points

User should keep perfect data in pages they should not keep relevent data on pages.

Website should follow complete SEO guidelines

Data should not be duplicate and data should not be copied from some sites

Website pages should have have same data which search engine indexing shows

Website page data should have some meaningful data as per the SEO guidelines. Some users just keep the SEO related data on pages to give good ranking which should not be done.

All web pages should be of good quality

Sometime user search data for particular keyword but they did not find useful content i.e. related to keyword content on web page which is totally against SEO guidlines.

Content should not be hidden as some users put some content hidden just to make the web page Search Engine friendly

Some user creates multiple website having same content which is against SEO guidlines

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