Managers mistakes that force Employees to quit!

It is true that Employees quit jobs not because of personal reasons but due to their Mangers mismanagement or mistakes. Managers intentionally or unintentionally make mistakes that force their employee to leave the organization. Some big mistakes we found are as follows.

  • Managers overburden employees with work assignments on daily basis that make employees feel helpless which may result in health issues and force employee to move away.
  • Office Politics and favouring only closely related employees makes other employees understand who will get the next promotion which is a very sad situation for any work environment.
  • Managers do not show sympathy to employees when an employee facing any type of personal problem like illness and managers instead of giving them break they asked them to continue with work in office.
  • Under harsh circumstances in office instead of supporting the employees the managers start criticizing them of not completing the work in specified time. Employees then lose their morale and trust on manager.
  • Managers try to control every movement of employee which reduces the freedom of doing the work with open heart and employees feels like stuck in a hole. Employees then unable to best performance in organization.
  • Managers does not appreciate the employees achievements and does not reward them for their efforts. Mangers move to next task ignoring the employees dedication to work and how much they have sacrificed to complete the last task.
  • Lack of growth opportunities in organization which is the sole responsibility of manager leads an employee to quit the organization.

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