How to edit department in Nevino HR Software

Whenever there is need arises to edit the Department name below mentioned steps can be followed to do the needful. So how to edit department name in Nevino Hr Software is as follows.

Step 1. From the main window of Nevino HR Software click on ‘HR’ icon as shown below.
main hr dashboard

Step 2. When window as below appears click on ‘Department’ as indicated in screen shot below.
select hr department

Step 3. Now a window as below will appear where you can see a department name appearing as ‘I.T.Department’.
department main hr window

Step 4. As we want to edit the department name so click on ‘Edit’ button as indicated in image below.
hr department edit button

Step 5. On click of ‘Edit’ button a new window as below will appear. In this window you can change the department name and department head.
hr department edit window

Step 6. For example, we will change department name as ‘Account Department’ as shown in image below.
enter hr department name

Step 7. Now we will click on ‘update’ button as indicated in below image.
hr department update button

Step 8. On click of update button newly entered data will be saved and window as below will appear where you can see changed department name as ‘Account Department’.

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