How to Download and install Selenium Web Driver ? 

How to download and install selenium web driver ?

All the engineers who want to work on selenium they are having query How to download and install selenium web driver. How to create setup for selenium testing. A lot of queries is there in mind of engineers. Lets give some light on this

Prerequiste for Selenium Web Driver installation

For Java

Step 1 : Download Java : Download java software development kit from Java Official Website

Step 2 : Install Java : Install Java by following instructions from java Official Website 

Step 3 : Download Eclipse IDE : Download Eclipse latest version from Eclipse Official Website

Step 4 : Install Eclipse IDE : Install Eclipse

  • Double click on downloaded setup
  • Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  • Select Path to install. In our Case it is “C:\eclipse”
  • Click on Install Button
  • Wait for Installation
  • Click on Launch to launch Eclipse

Step 5 : Download Selenium java Client Driver from Selenium Official Website

  • Results to download zip file
  • Extract Zip file to C Drive
  • This Directory contains multiple jar files
  • Will be imported into Eclipse for selenium project

Step 6 : Configure Eclipse and IDE Driver

  • Launch Eclipse exe file from eclipse installed location. In our case it is “C:\eclipse”
  • Select Workspace location
  • Create a new project through File > New > Java Project.
  • Name the project as “newproject”
  • Project Name
  • Location to save project
  • Select an execution JRE
  • Select layout project option
  • Click on Finish button
  • Right Click on Newly Created Project in Eclipse
  • Enter Package Name in our case it is newpackage
  • Click Finish
  • Right Click on package name i.e. newpackage
  • Create a new Java class
  • Enter Class Name
  • Click Finish

Step 7 : Load Selenium Jar Files into Project

  • Right-click on “newproject”
  • select Properties.
  • Click on “Java Build Path”.
  • Click on the Libraries tab
  • Click on “Add External JARs..”
  • On pop-up window.
  • Open lib folder
  • Select all jar files and add it
  • Select files outside lib folder
  • click “Apply and Close” button
  • Click OK
  • Import Selenium Libraries Done

Step 8 : Installing Browser Drivers

For HTMLUnit and Firefox there is no need of separate component as web driver can directly communicate But for all other browsers like chrome , internet explorer etc. there is need of separate component called Driver Server 

In Selenium latest version , All browsers need a driver server to automate

We can officially download drivers from Selenium official website

For C#


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