How to add Band type leave in Nevino HR Software

Nevino HR Software is equipped with functionality to assign different type of leave to every band type particularly. So, in this blog we will learn how we can add band type leave in Nevino Hr Software.

Step 1. Let’s start from the main window of Nevino HR Software where you must click on ‘HR’ Icon as shown below.main hr dashboard

Step 2.  Now click on ‘Band Type Leave’ in the menu as indicated in image below.
hr band type leave

Step 3. On the click of ‘Band type leave’ window as below will appear which is the main window of ‘Band type leave’.
hr band type leave screen

Step 4. In this window click on ‘Add’ button as shown in image below.
hr band type leave add button

Step 5. When ‘Add’ button is clicked a new window will appear as shown below.
hr band type edit screen

Step 6. Now enter the band name for example we will add ‘Band 2’ as per image below.
enter band name

Step 7. Next, we select the Leave Type by clicking on drop down list where three types of leaves are appearing.
hr select leave type

Step 8.For example, we will select ‘Earned’ leave as shown below.
hr leave type selected

Step 9. Next enter the count of leaves to be given to ‘Band 2’ so for example we will enter ‘10’ as number of leaves.
hr enter  leave count

Step 10. Now click on ‘Save’ button as shown below in image.
hr band type save button

Step 11. On click of ‘Save’ button leave type will be saved and new window as below will appear where you can see ‘Band 2’ with leave type ‘Earned’ of leave count ‘10’. In the same way other two types of leaves can be assigned to ‘Band 2’.
hr band type leave created

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